Midwest House, Jackson County, Indiana


Sited on a 40-acre parcel, the Midwest House addition extends west from an existing 2-story studio/garage previously used as the family’s short term living quarters.  Working from the form of this existing structure and the diagram of the Midwestern barn, living spaces occupy a centrally open volume while sleeping, bathing, storage, and vertical circulation needs form the ‘saddlebag stalls’ at both sides.  The new 3-story addition is bordered by a small lake to the north, a dense forest of maple and walnut trees to the west, and expansive horse pastures to the south.  The north elevation’s vertical glazing opens to the lake and provides an abundance of northern light to the living spaces; vertical slot windows to the west play amongst the adjacent trees; and the continuous southern porch ensures summer shade, winter sun, and a relaxing environment for un-obstructed vistas across the adjacent horse pastures, in addition to balancing the living area light levels through horizontal oriented kitchen and loft glazing.